1 Month, Speaker of the Day

Whether we love to speak on stage or run away from it with fear, giving impressive speeches and getting a lot of applauds is always a dream.

Learn all it takes to deliver confident speeches on stage and make an everlasting impression on your audience.

Take your first step towards becoming the speaker of the day!

LEVEL : Beginner



  • Understand the fundamentals of stage performance
  • Know the importance of  body language
  • Voice Perfection
  •  Overcome your Stage fear
  •  Build Confidence

Topics Covered

Fundamentals of Stage Performance

  • Body Language
  • Voice
  • Delivery
  • Confidence
  • Words


  • Etiquettes
  • Engage Audience

Public Speaking  

  • Definition, benefits, Roles  
  • Identifying and evaluating your feeling about speaking in public  
  • Techniques to engage the audience  
  • Tips and tricks to improve 

Power of Language 

  • Communicate your ideas clearly and effectively.  
  • strong introductions.  

 Master your voice 

  • Voice, pitch, rate, and quality  

Address your audience 

  • Tips and Techniques


No tools or prior knowledge are required, we will teach you everything from scratch.

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