1 Month, The Experimenter

With this, 1-month course students will be able to explore their scientific temperament, develop an ability to freely ask questions, and map the problems in real-life situations.

Get on board the journey of developing an attitude of openness for learning, analyzing real-life problems.

This is for all the students who want to enhance their creativity to solve real-world issues with the help of entrepreneurship because the connection between the two is immense.

Don’t worry this course will help you learn all.

LEVEL : Beginner



  • Develop and learn problem-solving skills.
  • Enhance your creativity to get unique ideas. 
  • Learn to solve real-world issues and make an impact. 
  • Develop an attitude of openness for learning. 
  • Analyze real-life issues.

Topics Covered

Explore Scientific Temperament

  • Ask question
  • Map real-world issues

Attitude of Openness

  • Find solutions for issues


  • What is Creativity
  • The need for creativity
  • Enhance creativity to solve real-life issues
  • Face problems without distress
  • Connection between creativity and entrepreneurship
  • Barriers in Creativity
  • Techniques for Creativity


No tools or prior knowledge are required, we will teach you everything from scratch.

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