3 Months, The Achiever

In this 3 months course, students will be able to explore entrepreneurial goals and learn about the details. Identify the achievable steps. Get motivated for achievement, and become open to learning from mistakes. So, don’t worry about committing mistakes.

Furthermore, learn to be responsible for taking action. Take risks and become innovative to survive in the real world.

To start your successful entrepreneurship journey, collaboration and teamwork are a must. So, learn all about the topic and garner conflict resolution skills.

LEVEL : Intermediate



  • Learn to achieve your goals through planning. 
  • Identify Achievable steps for your goals. 
  • Take responsibility for taking risks. 
  • Learn to take risks. 
  • Become innovative to solve real-world issues. 
  • Learn team-building and garner conflict resolution skills. 
  • Unravel the advantages of team building.

Topics Covered

Explore Scientific Temperament

  • Ask question
  • Map real-world issues

Attitude of Openness

  • Find solutions for issues


  • What is Creativity
  • The need for creativity
  • Enhance creativity to solve real-life issues
  • Face problems without distress
  • Connection between creativity and entrepreneurship
  • Barriers in Creativity
  • Techniques for Creativity

Goal Achievement

  • Identify Steps to achieve goals
  • Motivation for achievement
  • Open to make mistakes
  • Learn from mistakes


  • Cultivate responsible behavior for actions
  • Take Risks
  • Innovation


  • Effectiveness of Teamwork
  • Conflict resolution
  • Adaptive to change
  • Examples of teamwork
  • Advantages
  • Characteristics
  • Importance of individuals
  • Group influence on individuals


Making a Story/Video as a team

Case study:  Power of PSMART  goals


No tools or prior knowledge are required, we will teach you everything from scratch.

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