6 Months, The Confident Communicator

This 6 months journey will take you on the ride to the perfect experience of learning the art of communication from scratch. 

Are you also one of those who is confident but it gets difficult to make yourself heard among a group of people. This course entails everything you need. 

In such cases, strong leadership skills are required to convincingly communicate your ideas and make people work together towards it. 

In this expert course, one gets to understand the dynamics of communication, handling difficult conversations, and emerge as a leader even in a large group.

LEVEL : Advanced



  • Leadership Skills
  • Team Building
  • Group Dynamics
  • Interacting Confidently with new people
  • Staying confident in new settings

Topics Covered

Ice Breaking

  • Build Relationships
  • Start Conversation
  • Small Talks
  • Eradicate Hesitation

Public Speaking  

  • Definition, benefits, Roles  
  • Identifying and evaluating your feeling about speaking in public  
  • Techniques to engage the audience  
  • Tips and tricks to improve  

Fundamentals of Stage Performance

  • Body Language
  • Voice
  • Delivery
  • Confidence
  • Words


  • Etiquettes
  • Engage Audience

Power of Language 

  • Communicate your ideas clearly and effectively.  

Address Anyone

  • Tips and Techniques


  • Teambuilding
  • Influencing group


  • Effectiveness
  • Importance
  • Stage fright


Participation in group discussion

Speech to bag a scholarship

Recording Video communicating with 2 new friends


No tools or prior knowledge are required, we will teach you everything from scratch.

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