Inside-Out Leadership   

People with high self-efficacy and intrinsic motivation are happy beings and can flourish in their personal and professional lives. They can make the right balance and manage different spaces well- family, careers, friendships education, and lifestyle.

In this camp, participants will be able to learn that the journey of change starts with SELF and they will be able to learn the qualities such as high self-efficacy, internal locus of control, resilience, growth mindset, and self-motivation in this journey. The participants will also be supported to develop their projects which they are passionate about in the areas of business, social, or personal via blended learning experiences and artificial intelligence assessments.  Join this camp for a positive transformation for a POSITIVE, PROACTIVE, SELF-CONFIDENT YOU.

LEVEL : Beginner 

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Meet the Instructor

Princeton Hive

Sonal Chaturvedi

Educator, Entrepreneur and 21st Century skills Trainer

Human and institutional Development Fellow
Design and Facilitation skills expert.


Princeton Hive

Gaurika Narang

Educator, motivator, explorer

/Gaurika Narang Bhatia

Topics Covered

  • Growth mindset vs fixed mindset and communication
  • Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creativity Skills  

Key Projects

Self -development through Artificial Intelligence assessment.

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