The Stage Maestro

This camp is for all the students who want to speak confidently on the spot. To go impromptu you require confidence, creativity, and the right body language to charm the audience. It will help in structuring your thoughts, staying relevant while you speak, and becoming the star speaker. This camp is for all aspiring Public Speakers of different backgrounds and experience levels who want to communicate effectively.

LEVEL : Beginner     GRADES : 6th-12th

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Meet the Instructor

Princeton Hive

Hina Sharma

Educator, motivator, public speaker

Took trainings on how to be a good narrator


Princeton Hive

Sherry Agarwal

Educator, Public Speaker, career Coach, Counsellor

Leading individuals towards higher competencies in professional space

/Sherry Agarwal

Topics Covered

  • Art of impressing people
  • Adapt strong body language
  • Reflect confidence
  • Effective communication
  • Impromptu speeches

Key Projects

Deliver an impromptu speech

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